Information for viewers

Dear viewers, please take a moment to read the following information about the user interface of events and some recommendations in order to make the best out of it!

  • As viewers of a live event you can watch the videos and comments published by the DJ and send your comments or your dedications.
  • You can send comments to the DJ using the special area at the bottom of the frame of the event. Enter your name and your message and click "send".
  • If you press the login button you can log on to Facebook or Twitter. In this case, your name will be automatically filled in (with what you have in Facebook or Twitter), and along with your comment, also your photo from Facebook or Twitter will appear
  • Your comments will not be published directly in the event. It is at the discretion of the DJ whether to publish them.
  • Comments with offensive or abusive content will not be published.
  • Attention! The live event is not a chat room. An open conversation among the videos ruins the flow of the event and reduces its quality for everyone.
  • The DJ has the right to disable the ability to send comments through the page.
  • is not responsible for the comments published by the DJ, or the comments of users the DJ chooses to publish.
  • You can also send your comments and dedications via SMS using the details listed in red, under the frame of the event. The dedications sent via SMS will always have priority.
  • The SMS as well as web comments are not published directly. It is at the discretion of the DJ whether to publish them.
  • The DJ is able to personally reply to your SMS.
  • The buttons at the bottom of the frame of the event have the following functions:
  • Sound: During the event, there is a mild sound to alert that the DJ has published new content (Video or comment). The sound can be disabled by this button.
  • Auto-scrolling: The event has the ability to always display the latest content posted without having to scroll down or refresh the page. You can disable this feature with this button.
  • Refresh: Refresh the page
  • Reader information: General information about the system in English
  • Translate: Translation of the interface of the event in another language
  • Twitter: Connect to your Twitter account
  • RSS: Disabled
  • If a viewer arrives into a live event which has already began, he will be able to see all the videos and comments that have been published so far. The last published video will start playing automatically.
  • When there is no live event, the homepage displays a random complete event.
  • You can see the future events in the schedule.
  • All previous events are available in the profiles of the correspondent DJs.

On every video published in a event there are buttons for interacting with social networks:

  • On the right there are buttons for sharing (posting) the video in Facebook or Twitter
  • On the left there are buttons for posting predefined "moods" about the title of the video in different social networks. You choose the expression you like and publish it along with the song title in the social networks of your choice. The mood can be published in more than one social network at the same time. The expressions that correspond to each button are as follows:
  • Lips: "Sexy!"
  • Heart: "For my love ..."
  • Star: "Favorite clip for today!"
  • People: "Dedicated to all my friends!"
  • Broken heart: "A song for broken hearts"
  • Antenna: "Live now on!"
  • Last on the left is a button to disconnect from all social networks.

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