LiveTube Player is a free software application, necessary for DJs. Some of its features can be useful to any user (DJ or not). Livetube Player is available as a desktop application which you can install in your computer but also, accessible online through your web browser:

livetube-player web
Automatic installation of desktop application Access web version

Why should I use LiveTube Player as an typical user?

  • You can watch videos from YouTube through a nice and user friendly environment. You can queue videos and watch them in full screen.
  • You can search for videos in YouTube faster, manipulate your YouTube playlists or watch playlists of other users.
  • You can search YouTube using multiple different search criteria and get united results (e.g. 5 videos from a particular artist, 5 from another artist etc)!
  • You can easily publish songs in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can discover similar songs or artists with the ones you like, using integration (or watch video clips of songs from or YouTube)!

What does LiveTube Player provide to DJs?

  • All the above features.
  • A user friendly panel for managing the video clips played in their live event.
  • The option to create video queue for quick or automatic publishing of the event videos.
  • Manipulation of user's comments and text messages (SMS) as well as publishing your own comments or answering via SMS.
  • The option to customize the appearance of the event's video player.
  • Many more!

Is there a tutorial for LiveTube Player?

Please watch the following videos which describe Livetube Player features for ordinary users or DJs.

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