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  1. Livetube.fm is a service offered free of charge. If viewers wish to contact the DJ via SMS, they are charged the amount shown on the SMS information (at the bottom of a live event). For information about SMS, please visit http://www.attenzosms.com.
  2. Livetube.fm is a real time video and comment publishing tool. It does not host the videos that are published unless there is consent of the owner.
  3. Livetube.fm uses YouTube as its video channel and comforms with YouTube's terms and conditions. Livetube.fm displays only videos that YouTube permits the sharing and embedding of.
  4. Livetube.fm reserves the right to delete material from the events (complete and running - live) if it violates the terms of use.
  5. If you are owner of content and you believe it should not exist in livetube.fm, please contact us so we can remove it from the site.
  6. Livetube.fm is not responsible for comments posted on events.
  7. Livetube.fm reserves the right to cease cooperation with a DJ who does not comply with the rules of conduct.
  8. Livetube.fm reserves the right to block access on the site to a viewer who causes malfunction of the event.
  9. Livetube.fm reserves the right to display ads within the events.
  10. Livetube.fm reserves the right to keep a revenue share from the SMS sent by viewers.
  11. Music work is available for private use only. Any further usage is not allowed without the permission of AEPI.

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