can cooperate with a wide range of parties such as:

New artists/creators

  • You can promote your song for free and aim for the public that interests you.
  • promotes all events as well as individual songs through social networks.
  • Every event which will contain your song will always be available for replay.
  • You can embed the event in which your song has been published, in any web page.

Providers of promotional or informational content

  • You can promote your events. For example the picture of a poster concerning a future music event in town, can be displayed in one of events!
  • Advertise your products or services with minimum cost. The advertisment can be a picture, a link or even a short video.

Radio broadcasts

  • If you are a music or radio producer you can have your own event and synchronize your radio broadcast with your event in! Contact us for more details.

Music related web pages or services

  • If you have a video clip and/or song promoting web page, you can display your content in or have your own live event!
  • You can embed a particular event in your site (e.g. an event in which your site's videos were published).
  • If you have an API that could be integrated in the search tools of, feel free to contact us.

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