What is it: is a platform for real time video publishing. It is like a radio broadcast but uses video clips instead. Everyone can access but only approved users can make "live shows" (events). consists of 2 parts:

  1. The web page where viewers can watch the show which is currently “live”. The viewers of the show can send comments and song requests either through the web page or by sending text messages (SMS). Moreover, the viewers can watch events that have been already completed (all video clips, published comments and the overall flow of the event). Read more information for viewers here.
  2. The accompanying software application player, available either through your WEB browser here,  or as a desktop application for installation in your computer. Using player, a "DJ" can publish video clips in his/her live event, see viewers' comments, search for videos in YouTube and, and many more. The software application can also be used by anyone who doesn't necessarily want to be a DJ in For more information about this tool please click here.

How much does it cost? is free for both viewers and DJs. In the future there may be some premium models that will provide even more features. keeps revenue share from the SMS that are sent and reserves the right to display adverts in video clips and events.

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