Why should I become a "DJ”?

  • Because you are into music, you like to search for but mostly share songs.
  • In order to dedicate your favorite songs to your favorite persons!
  • To promote your work! You can publish your own video clips or songs as well as display your own adverts!
  • To make money. Every DJ will get revenue share from SMS sent by viewers during his event and he will also be able to display his personal adverts!
  • In order to make your own event which will be broadcasted live for your friends, acquaintances and secret fans to watch!
  • To have a permanent archive of the videos and comments published during your events, available for replay at any time!
  • In order to communicate with viewers through SMS and see their proposals and comments!
  • To send video clips wherever you want through SMS!

How much does it cost?

Livetube.fm is totally free for both viewers and DJs. In the future there may be some premium models which will offer even more features. Livetube.fm keeps share from the SMS that is sent and reserves the right to display ads in video clips and events.

Financial benefits

As mentioned above, every DJ will be getting revenue shares from the SMS sent by viewers of his event while he will also be able to display his own advertisements in the form of videos, links, or images in the events of Livetube.fm. The adverts will be visible even after the end of the event, since all events are archived and available for "replay".

What is required of you

If you are interested in becoming a DJ for Livetube.fm, what we ask from you is passion for music and loyalty to the schedule. The events are "live", therefore, attention to important things is required as well as compliance to certain rules regarding video publishing. If you want to join our team of DJs, please contact us at the email: info@livetube.fm.

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